What's Jeep Ducking?

What's Jeep Ducking?

Why do people put ducks on Jeeps?

Jeep Ducking, Duck Duck Jeep

Putting a duck on a Jeep or ducking a Jeep is exclusive to the Jeep community. You won't see bikers doing it, but what?

Originating from Toronto, Ontario, Jeep ducking is a tradition that speaks volumes about how close-knitted the jeep community is. You might have seen jeep drivers casually waving at each other with eyes admiring the other person's Jeep, all this happening in seconds. That's how strong the connection is.

To further strengthen this amazing bond, Jeep Ducking did its part. In simple words, Jeep owners leave positive notes and a rubber duck on other people's Jeeps. The sole purpose of this trend is to spread goodwill and promote positive affirmations.

Jeep Ducking, Duck Duck Jeep

Thousands of people are jumping on the bandwagon and killing this trend. With innovative and new affirmations, Jeep ducking makes people smile every day.

Who started Jeep Ducking?

Everything about the ducking trend up till now may seem very uplifting and positive. However, its origin is quite heartbreaking. Allison Parliament, the creator of this trend, faced physical assault for driving in Ontario with an American license plate, as during the height of the Pandemic some Canadians had concerns over Americans being in their country and spreading the virus.

In her defense, she said that she works in both U.S. (Alabama) and Canada while her car is licensed from Alabama. It led to the incident where Allison was pushed into another vehicle, threatened and told she was not welcomed in Canada.

It was a bad experience, but she decided to bring some positivity into that day,. So, Parliament bought a rubber duck and put it on a big Jeep that was parked nearby. When the owner of the Jeep found the duck and the note that Allison attached to it that said "Nice Jeep-Have a Great Day!" - he had the biggest smile on his face and was obviously very pleased! Allison posted a picture of the rubber duck and the note attached to it, along with the hashtag #DuckingJeeps and the trend was born!

Allison Parliament, Jeep Ducking

Social media documentation

As of now, Facebook has a private group of right around 14k members from across the United States. Titled Official Ducking Jeeps, this group is bringing smiles to people. The trend also has an Instagram account where people post photos of participating in this challenge.

Jeep Ducking is a great way to make someone's day or bring a smile to someone's face with a just a tiny bit of effort. In order to maintain the harmony of this tradition, there are a few rules that everybody has to follow.

Ducking Jeep Rules

1. Buy small rubber ducks

Have a good selection of small rubber ducks with you at all times, so that you won't miss a chance to duck a nice Jeep when you see it.

2. Placing the duck

Find a Jeep you want to duck. It can be any Jeep, but try to find one you genuinely like and admire. Write a little note, letting the owner of the Jeep know that their Jeep is noticed and appreciated, and any other positive words that will help to bring joy to the person, who reads them.

Place the duck and the note, attached to it in a position easily visible to the Jeep owner once they return. Also, in summer, you must be careful as long hours in the sun may melt the plastic in the duck. So please keep it in a cool and shady place on the Jeep.

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3. Post it on social media

The next step is to take a picture of the duck placed on a Jeep and then post it on social media, along with the official hashtags of the trend #DuckingJeeps and #DuckDuckJeep. This will allow anyone, participating in this trend to easily find your picture and spread the positivity even further.

 Is ducking only for Wranglers?

Ducking is for all Jeeps, not only Wranglers. The Jeep community enjoys this trend without restricting it to the Wranglers, as the more, the merrier. One might wonder why other vehicles are not included. The short answer is that Allison Parliament was traveling in her Jeep Wrangler when the incident that led to this trend happened. So, the movement also revolved around Jeeps, if not specifically Wranglers, to involve a wide community in spreading positivity and goodwill. The direction might expand to other vehicles, and they might come up with something even more popular. Everything around this trend is acceptable as long as its aim remains the same, i.e., spreading kindness and positivity.

Recognition of the trend

Jeep instantly recognized this fast-growing trend among its community. To pay tribute to the amazing acts of kindness that took place in this trend, Jeep brought a huge six-story tall duck to its annual auto show in Detroit. The duck weighs a whooping 4000 kg and pays homage to all those who try to spread smiles and positivity despite having a bad day.

It was on display in Detroit as long as the show went on. Jeep also initiated a healthy competition, announcing prizes for photos posted with the giant duck. Many people who didn't know about the trend were surprised by the big duck at the auto show. But once the concerned people told them about its significance, nobody could help but appreciate it. Even people who had never heard of Duck Duck Jeep or participated in it happily took pictures with the duck to appreciate the idea behind it.


Often people question the need for this trend. They don't simply get why people get out of their Jeeps, grab a duck, attach a note, and leave it on a stranger's Jeep. The answer is that not all trends are meaningful, but this one surely is. If you ever had a bad day on the road, you will get the essence of this trend. If any ransom stranger on the street could bring a smile to your face, you will also get the heart of this trend, as it is all about spreading positivity, goodwill, warmth, and empathy that today's society completely lacks.

Happy Ducking, and don't forget to keep handy notes and colorful markers with you in your car. 

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Jeep ducking, duck duck jeep

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What's Jeep Ducking?
What's Jeep Ducking?