The Rise of 35" Tire Covers

If you're an off-road enthusiast or own a vehicle like Jeep or Bronco, you might be familiar with the increasing popularity of 35" tires. These larger tires provide better ground clearance and improved off-road capability, making them a top choice for adventurers. 
A 35" tire cover is essential for protecting these larger tires from the elements, ensuring longevity and maintaining the aesthetic of your vehicle.

What Tire Sizes Require a 35" Cover?

Typically, a 35" tire cover is needed for tires with an overall diameter of around 35 inches. These are often labeled with sizes like 35x12.50R16, where the first number indicates the tire’s height. Or the tire size marking might look like 315/70R16. In this case, you can double check what cover size your tire requires, by using our Size Calculator

At COVERDOM, all tire covers are available in size 35” with our without the backup camera hole.

Here are our most popular 35” tire covers with backup camera hole.

1. 35" Bigfoot Tire Covers

2. 35" Sunflower Tire Covers

3. 35" Nature and Camping Tire Covers

4. 35" Custom and Personalized Tire Covers

Why 35" Tires are Gaining Popularity

The trend towards larger tires is driven by the desire for enhanced performance in off-road conditions. Larger tires offer superior traction, better handling on uneven terrain, and an aggressive look that many off-roaders love. As more people engage in outdoor and off-road activities, the demand for 35" tires—and thus the need for protective covers—continues to grow.

At Coverdom, we offer a range of 35" tire covers, including custom designs to fit your style. Protect your investment and keep your ride looking sharp with our high-quality covers.