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About Us

Young Professionals with 100% delivery rate!

We established our business in 2021, right in the middle of the Pandemic, yet we were able to create a smooth and efficient process – from the design aspect, to manufacturing, to delivering the product to our customer's door. We never lost a single order, our delivery rate is 100%! The Coverdom team is young, and passionate about offering best quality spare tire covers, while also focusing on innovation and bringing in cool designs everyone can enjoy. We are also camping and jeep enthusiasts ourselves, so we have an intimate understanding of the product.


Are you looking for cool, unique spare tire covers that help you protect your spare tire, but also add a personal touch to your car? Coverdom is here to bring you all of that and so much more. Our focus is to help you customize your ride the way you always wanted, with affordable and innovative spare tire covers. We believe that value and quality are very important, and that’s why we are constantly pushing the boundaries to deliver clever, fun and exciting designs for our customers.

Design and Quality

Our team of inhouse designers is constantly working on creating new, exciting designs! We are also open to custom requests. Our spare tire covers are manufactured at a professional facility with the highest level of expertise and work ethic in the industry.

Our factory


Environmentally friendly

We are dedicated to protecting the environment as well. This is why we are using only eco-grade ink for every design. We want to offer you the very best spare tire covers on the market.

Printing process


Our responsibility

We guarantee that your spare tire cover will be of quality, in both – sewing and printing. If there are any defects, you will receive a refund or replacement. We truly want our customers to have the best experience with our products.

 You can browse our website today for some incredible, unique and creative spare tire covers. In case you have any questions or inquiries, our team is always ready to help. Just drop us a line right away, and we guarantee you will have a reply as quickly as possible. Try these amazing spare tire covers today and let us know if you have a custom cover idea, we can bring it to life for you!