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That special day to celebrate your love and your union is finally coming! And being a gorgeous, fierce and adventurous Jeep Girl, you want to include you beloved beast into this celebration. But how to decorate your Jeep for a wedding? There are a myriad of Jeep wedding ideas that will suit every budget, theme, and season. Jeeps make magnificent wedding cars, and in this article, we are going to discuss six best wedding car decoration ideas for Jeeps.

Wedding spare tire covers for Jeeps

wedding jeep spare tire cover

A customized wedding spare tire cover can become a wedding decoration centrepiece, despite being attached to the back of your Jeep. Some of the most stunning Jeep wedding photos actually feature the rear view of the car, showing “Just Married” spare tire cover or a more elaborate, personalized tire cover with Bride's and Groom's names inside a beautiful floral wreath. These spare tire covers also make great wedding memorabilia, and even heirlooms that mark the beginnings of a new family.

Our wedding spare tire covers look great on any Jeeps, but we especially love them in topless Wranglers as the rear view photos are just stunning!

Spare Tire Covers are a great way to decorate your Jeep in general, not just for the wedding, and we have a great selection of unique designs, which you are welcome to check out here!

Balloon Wedding décor for Jeeps

jeep wedding decor ideas

Ballons are an excellent idea for a Jeep wedding car décoration! You can use elaborate balloon garlands or simpler combinations, depending on your wedding theme. The best thing about balloons is that they come in all sorts of sizes, colors and shapes, so it is easy to fit them with the general theme of your wedding. However, if you are planning a winter wedding, it's probably best to avoid them, as balloons do not like cold temperatures and might not survive the whole day. In winter, it is best to go with other wedding Jeep décor props, like spare tire covers.

Wedding decals for a Jeep

Wedding jeep decal

Custom decal is an excellent wedding decoration idea for your Jeep. It is one of the least expensive, yet, cute and festive ways to decorate your Jeep for a wedding. Wedding car decals often feature elegant floral motives and can be customized to include the names of the couple. You can put them on the window, or any other surface of your Jeep. These wedding decals are removable as well, making them a perfect decoration for your special day!

Flower arrangements for a Jeep wedding

wedding jeep decoration ideas

Flower arrangement is probably one of the most common and beautiful ways to decorate a wedding car. We love the variety of options! From simple bouquets attached to the grill of your Jeep, to elaborate garlands that you can wrap around your windshield frame. There is something so special about the way gentle flowers look against powerful and mighty Jeep! Check out how experts from Love Blooms DC use flowers to decorate Jeep for a wedding.



Fairy lights

Jeep decor ideas

Fairy lights are a perfect Jeep wedding decoration for a winter wedding! When flowers and balloons might not survive the whole day in cold temperatures, fairy lights actually add to the mysterious and majestic Winter Wonderland atmosphere! If you want to avoid your Jeep looking too Christmassy for your Wedding day, we recommend to go with single color fairy lights, and it is probably best to avoid greens and reds.

 Custom wedding wrap for your Jeep

how to decorate jeep for wedding

This idea is definitely for a more robust wedding budget, but if you want your Jeep to fit your wedding theme to a T, then this might be for you. From floral wraps, to attention-catching holographic, wedding wrap is spectacular Jeep wedding décor idea!

 We hope this article provided you with some food for thought about how you'd like to decorate your Jeep for your wedding! Our favourite Jeep décor is obviously Wedding spare tire covers, and you are welcome to check our selection here!