Why You Need A Spare Tire Cover

Why do I Need a Spare Tire Cover?

If you are a Jeep or Bronco owner, at some point you may ask yourself: Do I need a spare tire cover?

While you can leave your spare tire uncovered, it's not advisable. A spare tire cover is the bee's knees of a healthy spare tire - essential to ensure your vehicle is road-ready.

So, what is the purpose of a spare tire cover?

In this article we are going to discuss the most important benefits of a spare tire cover.

1. It protects the tire from the elements

do i need a spare tire cover

Just like the rest of your car, your tires are susceptible to damage from sun exposure, rain, and snow. Over time, this damage can lead to cracks and leaks, making it more likely that you'll end up stranded on the side of the road - nobody wants that!

So if looking for a way to extend the life of your tires, covering your spare wheel is a smart move. Plus, it'll help keep your car looking sharp. Win-win!

We believe, this reason alone is convincing enough and if you feel so too, it's time to select your cover size, using our Spare Tire Cover Size Calculator!

If you want to know more reasons why you need a spare tire cover, please, keep reading.

2. Spare tire cover helps to protect your tire from theft.

sunflower spare tire cover

Unfortunately, spare tires are often the target of theft, especially from vehicles parked in public areas. If your tire is stolen, not only is it a costly loss, but you are also in danger of getting stuck on the road, if you get a flat tire. 

A spare tire cover statistically reduces the risk of your spare tire being stolen, as it makes your tire less noticeable to potential thieves, and it also makes it more time consuming to unmount your spare tire. If you want to reduce the risks of spare tire theft, a spare tire cover is a good and simple solution. So next time you find yourself with a flat, take a moment to thank your spare tire cover for helping to keep your spare safe and sound.

3. Spare tire cover adds personality to your car

so i need a spare tire cover

Have you ever seen a Jeep drive by with a spare tire cover that features a gorgeous colorful sunflower? Or a Bronco with a Bigfoot spare tire cover? Or even a camper that is adorned with a lovely Mandala spare tire cover?

If so, then you know how much personality a spare tire cover can splash on a car. A spare tire cover is a fun way to show off your personality and great sense of style.

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